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DJ MU$A is an innovator, tastemaker, and connoisseur of the arts. Whether expanding the common theme between music and fashion through sneakers or displaying the magic of selection through audience understanding, MU$A covers all aspects of the art form.

New Jersey born and Denver, CO raised, MU$A took to music early on, playing the drums, guitar and saxophone. At the age of 13, the turntables became his most treasured instruments. By the age of 18, he was participating in battles and selling mixtapes on the streets of Denver. Over the next several years, DJ MU$A became a fixture in the Colorado club and rave circuit as the ultimate mixologist. MU$A was frequently asked to open for national touring acts like The Roots, Common and The Pharcyde.

Attending the Institute of Audio Research in New York City, he received a sound engineer certification in 1996. During an audition at CBGBʼs in Manhattan, world renowned poet Saul Williams recognized Mu$aʼs defined ear for music and talent on the turntables, later enlisting the deejay as his band leader for work alongside legendary producer Rick Rubin for Williams’ debut album Amethyst Rock Star.

Using his influence as a purveyor of all things avant garde, Mu$a began to produce events that not only highlight hip-hop music and fashion, but incorporate community focus as well. In partnership with NIKE, NIKE Snowboard, Shoe Installation, and more, “Shoe Shine,” one of the largest sneaker exhibitions and competitions in the country, was born. The focus of “Shoe Shineʼ is to celebrate the connection between art and footwear as tools of individual expression. In conjunction with several top level artists, “Shoe Shine” is the platform for the study of yearly visual trends.

In between being an art curator, producer and deejay, Mu$a released My Robot Girlfriend, his production/remix project to widely respected acclaim. Continuing to push the envelope with collaborative shows featuring DJ Premier (Shoe Shine 7.0), Flying Lotus, Madlib, and Q- Tip, this past year was a fast paced and successful run. Currently Mu$a is hard at work on his latest project which will feature both original and remixed offerings in the electronic genre.

Cold Crush and DJ MU$A